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Get free minutes with your Deezer premium account

Subscribers to Deezer now enjoy free minutes with nextbike Germany-wide. With the Deezer advantage, you can rent bikes for 30 minutes free of charge twice a day in more than 50 cities*. The cooperation runs until 30 June 2021 and applies to all users of a paid Deezer service (Premium, HiFi, Family, Student). *The concession is valid in the following cities: Augsburg, Baden-Baden, Berlin, Bonn, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Erfurt, Frankfurt a.M., Freiburg, Gießen, Hannover, Karlsruhe, Kassel, Köln, La...


Reminder tariff change

Dear metropolradruhr customers. A few weeks back we announced the tariff change for metropolradruhr from October 1st on. Here are all changes at a glance: Basic rate for standard bikes The majority of all rentals takes less than 15 minutes. Therefore we adjust the billing cycle. From October 1st onwards, rentals at the basic rate will be charged at 15-minute intervals. The basic rate for cargobikes in Bochum will remain the same. metropolradruhr monthly rate The previous conditions re...


Tariff change with metropolradruhr

Dear metropolradruhr customers. For ten years we have been offering our service at low prices which have been unchanged for five years. But we too must adapt to market changes and the associated price and wage increases. Thus from October 1st new conditions will apply. All changes at a glance: Basic rate for standard bikes The majority of all rentals takes less than 15 minutes. Therefore we adjust the billing cycle. From October 1st onwards, rentals at the basic rate will be charged at 15-...


Up to 2 days of a free ride with Vivid.

Open an account on Vivid Money app and get a 20 Euro voucher for your nextbike rides.  Register for Vivid Money Receive a voucher code via email and redeem within the nextbike app (Account-settings). Enjoy free rides. Benefits of Vivid Money: Up to 10 % cashback from your favourite shops - buy your favourite goods and get your money back. 5 % cashback on your online food order. 0.1% cashback on all other payments. Really all! worldwide free cash w...


Now new: MOBIbike in Dresden

Today, together with Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG (DVB), we are launching the new bike sharing system for Dresden under the name MOBIbike. 1000 smartbikes of the latest generation will then be available around the clock. The rental bikes can now be rented at 14 MOBIpoints. They are supplemented by areas where flexible return is possible. All sz-bike customers are automatically transferred to the new system. DVB subscription customers have the first 30 minutes of each ride free of charge and...


Secure free rental credits with Bikes & Deals!

04.09.2020: Take your chance until 30th of September and benefit one last time from the offers with Bikes & Deals and secure free rental credits! How does it work? Simply register for free with your Visa card in the app under Bikes & Deals, take advantage of the following offers, collect free rental credits and start cycling for free! In September, you can earn up to 31 €* rental credit: Pay contactless, no matter where you are: 3 € rental credits = use t...


Cargobikes for Bochum

Some of you have surely already discovered them - the Cargobikes in Bochum. Until the end of September there will be one Cargobike each available at a total of 10 stations to transport bigger things.


Mobile in the Bergisches Land

The Bergische e-Bike is here! As the very first e-bike sharing system it connects communities of a complete district - the Rheinisch-Bergische Land - with each other. The rental stations at the railway stations in Rösrath and Leichlingen were opened yesterday. In the next few weeks, stations in Bergisch Gladbach, Burscheid, Kürten, Odenthal, Overath and Wermelskirchen will follow.After we, together with RVK, made the Rhine-Sieg district on the left bank of the Rhine and the community of Weilersw...


Info on the reduction of value added tax

For the next half year the value added tax is reduced by 3%. A good idea, but it involves a lot of technical and bureaucratic effort. We give you all a voucher for a 30-minute free ride instead of passing on pennies to you. Simply redeem the code 445344 in your customer account. The voucher will automatically be activated the next time you rent a bike. The voucher will also be added to existing free minutes.The voucher is valid until 31.12.2020 in all German cities except Usedom, Munich, Bre...


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Nextbike launches in Bielefeld

If Bielefeld exists, then from now on only with us! Since last weekend you can also rent our bikes there under the local name flowBie Siggi. Get all information about the system on nextbike.de/bielefeld.


Improved feedback options

We have improved our feedback function in the nextbike app! Now it's even easier to report defective bikes or problems with your rental. Just select the broken bike component or one of your rentals and provide additional details if necessary. You can access the support options via the corresponding menu item or by clicking on one of your rentals.


Campaign ended

The free ride campaign with the support of the Regionalverband Ruhr and the Verkehrsverbund Rhein Ruhr has been ended for the time being. Journeys with metropolradruhr will be billed normally again. For those who want to continue to use metropolradruhr 30 minutes per rental free of charge: simply book the monthly rate for 10 € and off you go! More information is available under Prices.


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Lock does not open?

You want to rent a bike, the frame lock does not open and reopening via the app does not help either? Don't panic. Our system detects that the lock is still closed and automatically cancels the rental after three minutes. No charges apply.Check this in your app afterwards.


Rent our bikes for free

Together with the Regionalverband Ruhr and the Verkehrsverbund Rhein Ruhr, we have decided to offer the next 10.000 rentals within the metropolradruhr area free of charge. Until presumably 19th April the first 30 minutes per rental are free. The return regulations at stations will continue to apply. The discount applies for the first bike only if several bikes are rented at the same time. The possibility of transmission of the coronavirus via surfaces is estimated to be very low. Nevertheless, ...


Operation runs normally!

For the time being our rental service runs on a regular basis in all German cities. Current information about the state of affairs can be found here in the news section.Stay healthy and all the best!


250 new bikes for Duisburg

The fleet replacement in the metropolradruhr area is in full swing. Since yesterday 250 new bikes are rolling through Duisburg, which can be easily rented and parked via the app. The bikes can be returned by simply closing the frame lock.Please note that bikes in Duisburg can still only be returned to stations.We wish you a lot of fun with our bikes!


Get the nextbike Playlist

You love singing while cycling and need new input? Get the nextbike playlist on Spotify or Deezer. We collected some songs for you that address our most favourite means of transport. So check it out!


Where to find your transaction history

You want to know if charges have already been beditted or refunds have already been made or you want to download your invoices? Log in to your customer account via www.nextbike.de. Under ->Account status you can see all transactions at a glance.


New bikes for Dortmund

New bikes have been rolling through Dortmund for a few days now. As elsewhere in the metropolradruhr area, we have replaced part of the old bike fleet. Please note that handling, i.e. renting, parking and returning bikes, differs slightly from handling bikes with combination locks. Here you can read how the new bikes with frame locks work. The rent and return regulations remain unaffected by this. Bikes still have to be returned to stations. If you return your bikes away from stations, you will ...


Avert a fee for improperly returned bikes

You have received 20 € fee for an improper return outside the flexzone or away from stations? Not everything is lost yet and you can still avert the fee. What do you have to do?Go back to the bike and rent it again. Don't do this remotely as the lock will open automatically for some bike types. The old rental will simply continue and the improper return fee will be deleted. return the bike properly now. Also good to know: successive rentals of the same bike by the same customer are merged to...


3 new cities for nextbike Slovenia

In Slovenia you can now rent our bikes in three more cities, now a total of seven. Welcome to the family Štore, Zreče and Slovenske Konjice.All nextbike countries and cities can be found at nextbike locations.


Automated fee for improper returns

Dear customers,we are very happy that you accept the new bikes so well. We were very happy about your positive feedback. The simplified return process has unfortunately caused many customers not to return the bikes to official stations as required. This means that you as a customer will have fewer bikes available at the usual stations and it causes great effort to collect all those bikes again. Therefore the fee of 20€ will now be imposed automatically. You will be informed by text message, Push...


1000 new bike!

New bikes have been rolling through Mülheim, Essen, Dortmund and Bochum for a few days now. Have you seen them?What changes now?Not much. You can rent the bikes as usual via the app, but beware: the lock opens automatically. So don't rent the bikes from a distance.To return the bike, place it at a station as usual. Push it into the stand and wait for the return confirmation, but leave the frame lock open. If no stand is free, place the bike next to the station and push the small lever on the fra...


Return all bikes to stations

metropolradruhr is a station-based system. Please always return the bike at the designated stations. If no stand is available, please park in the bike next to the station. If a bike is returned outside of a station, a fee of 20€ will be charged.For more information, please see How it works.


Hop on Hop of! with CallYa Digital.

Hop on Hop of! The new CallyaDigital with Vodafone GigaPower. And the freedom to cancel monthly. 10 GB data volume in the excellent 4G I LTE network from Vodafone for only 20€ per month. Only available online at Vodafone.de.


Pay with Paypal and secure your 5€ driving credit!

Pay now your nextbike rides comfortably with PayPal and you will get a credit of 5€. Just klick here and follow the instructions: Prerequisite is that you have deposited Paypal as a means of payment with us. In the customer account you can do this very easily in the Account settings under Change "Payment type".


After the summer is before the summer

You can't let go of the summer yet or can't wait for the next one? Anticipation makes it easier. Be inspired on EuroVelo by numerous long-distance cycle paths throughout Europe and already plan your tour for next summer.


Note on damage claims

Please do not park or return our bikes directly next to parked cars! When parking the bikes, make sure that they do not obstruct anyone and cannot damage anything. If an inconveniently parked bike falls over and damages e.g. a parked car, nextbike might be obliged to communicate the customer data of the last user to clarify the facts. For more details please refer to our Data protection leaflet.


Activate Push Notifications

Activate Push Notivications for your nextbike app in order to receive current information on your rental status.


Hello Havirov / CZ

All good things are 3! With the start in Havirov / CZ a few days ago already three cities of our neighbour belong to the nextbike family. Best of all: in Havirov, thanks to the support of the city, the first 15 minutes per rental are free for everyone. For more information click here: nextbikeczech.com/havirov.


nextbike at a monthly rate

Did you know?For only 10 € per month the first 30 minutes per rental are included in all German cities (except Bremen, Nuremberg and Usedom). Book the monthly rate in the app and start cycling for less. The rate can be cancelled montly and will otherwise be extended automatically. More information under nextbike.de/prices or on the respective pricing website of the cities.


Nextbike offers e-CARGObikes for the first time

In Norderstedt, Nextbike customers can look forward to electrical support while riding. From now on 15 e-cargobikes are available under the name "e-TINK". The electric cargobikes supplement the already existing offer of normal Nextbikes as well as cargobikes. The engine supports up to a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. With the cargobikes for example two children up to an age of seven years or purchases can be transported. The best for you: the first half hour ride per day is free. The...


NEW: the Monthly Rate Germany

Spring has just arrived and we've got something new for you: the monthly rate for all German cities*. For 10€ a month you get the first 30 minutes of each rental for free. Get more information on nextbike.de/prices. How can you book this tariff? Open your nextbike app and click on 'Account settings', open 'Subscriptions' and choose 'Monatstarif Deutschland' and click on 'book tariff'. *not valid in Bremen, Nuremberg and Usedom.


Rent our bikes easily using Samsung Bixby

Samsung users in Germany can now rent our bikes via the voice-powered digital assistant Bixby. Simply say ‚Where can I find a bike nearby?‘ or ‚I want to return my bike.‘ and Bixby takes over.


Launch in Prostějov / CZ

A few days back we launched a new bike sharing system in the Czech city Prostějov which is also the start in our 26. country that you can rent nextbikes in. Find all local information on nextbikeczech.com/prostejov.Prostějov won't be the only Czech city as more are already on one's blocks.


One production site is not enough!

It's only february but our order books are full already. To meet the high demand we commissioned the Sachsenring Bike Manufacture with mounting a part of our bikes parallel to our own production site.We are looking forward to the cooperation and also to provide or customers bike sharing in new cities.


Station in Essen out of order

Due to construction work that will take about two years we have to remove the station 7505 at the Philharmonic hall in Essen. We are currently searching for an alternative location.


Find the information you need!

You only know our general website nextbike.de? There's a website to every nextbike scheme around the world providing specific information about tariffs and functioning. Find the information you need: nextbike.de/locations.


Our bikes don´t need a break this winter

Our bikes will be available all winter through in order to carry you from A to B - no winter break in any German cities. Moreover our bikes are perfectly equipped for the dark time of the year. There´s no such thing as bad weather, so get on our bikes and ride!


Say cheese!

It's hard to believe that our latest photo shoot in the golden autumn is not that long ago. Meanwhile the cold weather arrived. On our Flickr account you can have a look at the latest results of the ECObike shootings in Leipzig and Hamm.


We want you

You're fluent in Spanish or Italian and like to work in an international company? We got the perfect job for you then!Become part of our international team in Leipzig as project manager or operations manager. Find all vacant positions on nextbike.de/jobs.


Hola Bilbao!

The Basque metropolis Bilbao just got another sustainable public transport system. In the very north of Spain we - together with the transport company Sagalés - launched our currently biggest e-bike scheme Bilbaobizi which provides 450 e-bikes at 40 stations.In 2019 nextbike will further realize e-bike schemes in Germany and internationaly.


Hey Hamm and Lippstadt

Together with the Student Union of the University of Hamm-Lippstadt we get those two cities on the bike. Especially around student hotspots but also around the city you can now rent and return bikes at official stations. Students get the first 60 minutes for free. How? Check it out.


Station Bermuda 3eck Bochum closed

Due to construction work station 7110 Bermuda 3Eck / Konrad-Adenauer-Platz in Bochum is temporariliy closed. As soon as work has been completed the station will be available again.


Hello Mönchengladbach

On Tuesday, 18th. September we launched our new bike sharing system in Mönchengladbach in cooperation with our partner Santander Consumer Bank AG. The bikes can be rented with any nextbike account and cost 1€ /30 minutes at basic rate.More Information on nextbike.de/mönchengladbach.Photo from right to left: Mayor Hans Wilhelm Reiners, Head of Public Policy Santander Consumer Bank AG Sebastian Fairhurst, City Manager Dr. Gregor Bonin and Head of Sponsoring nextbike GmbH Jan Gewinner.


Hello Kiew

This week we launched our second bike sharing system in the Ukraine. No one else but Kiev's major Vitalo Klitschko and our CEO Ralf Kalupner were there to open the scheme.Find more information about nextbike Kiev here.


New Stations for Essen

From now on you can rent and return bikes at three new stations in Essen. And here they are:CorneliastraßeUrsulastraßeZweigertstraße / Goethestraße