Automated fee for improper returns


Dear customers,

we are very happy that you accept the new bikes so well. We were very happy about your positive feedback.

The simplified return process has unfortunately caused many customers not to return the bikes to official stations as required. This means that you as a customer will have fewer bikes available at the usual stations and it causes great effort to collect all those bikes again.

Therefore the fee of 20€ will now be imposed automatically.

You will be informed by text message, Push Notification or e-mail. A justifiably imposed fee is not refundable.

You can read here how to still avoid an already imposed fee: Avoid the fee for incorrectly returned bikes.

As the locks on the new bikes will open automatically as soon as the rental has started, please remember to go to the bike first and rent it only when you're infront of it.

If you have been charged a fee even though you returned the bike at a station, please contact our customer service via app feedback or hotline, stating your bike number, registered phone number and return station.