Tariff change with metropolradruhr


Dear metropolradruhr customers.

For ten years we have been offering our service at low prices which have been unchanged for five years. But we too must adapt to market changes and the associated price and wage increases. Thus from October 1st new conditions will apply.

All changes at a glance:

Basic rate for standard bikes

The majority of all rentals takes less than 15 minutes. Therefore we adjust the billing cycle. From October 1st onwards, rentals at the basic rate will be charged at 15-minute intervals. The basic rate for cargobikes in Bochum will remain the same.

metropolradruhr monthly rate

The previous conditions remain the same. For 10 € / month 30 minutes per rental are included, every additional 30 minutes will cost 1 €. Only the daily rate is now 15 € / 24 h. The 30-minute billing interval remains the same. 

metropolradruhr annual rate

The price for the annual rate is now 60 € / year. The first 30 minutes per rental are included, every additional 30 minutes will cost 1 €, the daily rate is 15 € / 24 h. The billing in 30-minute intervals remains the same. There is a special right of termination until September 15, if a running tariff is automatically extended between October 1st and October 15.

Special rates

The special rates for students and customers of Ruhrbahn, DSW21, DVG and Bogestra do not change. You haven't heard about our special rates yet? Get more info here.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at +49 (0) 30 69205046 or kundenservice@nextbike.de.

Viele Grüße,
euer nextbike-Team