Avert a fee for improperly returned bikes


You have received 20 € fee for an improper return outside the flexzone or away from stations?

Not everything is lost yet and you can still avert the fee. What do you have to do?

  • Go back to the bike and rent it again. Don't do this remotely as the lock will open automatically for some bike types.
  • The old rental will simply continue and the improper return fee will be deleted.
  • return the bike properly now.

Also good to know:
successive rentals of the same bike by the same customer are merged to one rental if this is the cheaper option. The price for the rental then results from the period between the start of the first rental and the return of the second rental. Here's an example:
You've been renting a bike for 5 hours when you accidentally return it instead of parking it. The maximum daily rate applies for this rental. Now you want to continue riding and rent the bike again. The old rental will be continued, because a new rental would be charged again with 1€ / 30min. If the old rental is continued you're still within the maximun daily rate. The counter only starts again after 24h of rental.