Concession for Ruhrbahn subscribers

As Ruhrbahn subscriber you get the first 30 minutes per rental for free. Registering for that concession is only possible on the Ruhrbahn website or at one of the Ruhrbahn Customer Centers in Essen or Mülheim an der Ruhr:


    • Main station Essen (Mo-Fr 8-18Uhr; Sa 9-14Uhr)
    • Berliner Platz Essen (Mo-Fr 8-18Uhr; Sa 9-14Uhr)
    • Main station Mülheim (Mo-Fr 8-18Uhr; Sa 9-14Uhr)


Concession for subscribers

Subscibers of the following public transport companies will get the annual rate for 24 € instead of 60 € which includes free 30 minutes for each rental.  


Mülheimer Wohnungsbau (MWB)

Members of the MWB housing cooperative will get the first 60 minutes of each rental for free.  Registering takes place by entering your name, phone number and MWB membership number.

Concession for GEBAG employees and tenants

Both employees and tenants of GEBAG receive 30 free minutes per rental. The special conditions apply in the entire metropolradruhr area for up to two parallel rented bikes.

When registering, employees simply enter their employee email address or complete it in the already existing user account and confirm the email sent.

Tenants select GEBAG in the customer account under Partners and verify their choice with their tenant number.


Students of cooperating institutions will get the first 60 minutes of each rental for free. Find more information here